Researchgroups in The Netherlands

Tilburg centre for Creative Computing, University of Tilburg

The Tilburg centre for Creative Computing (TiCC) is dedicated to fundamental and applied research in the areas of machine learning, pattern recognition, text analytics, image analysis and (serious) games.

Specific topics addressed are: anomaly detection and situation awareness with graphical models, machine translation, text analytics, linguistic data quality management, recommender systems, automatic text rewriting, recognition and prediction of nonverbal expressions in videos, image analysis and classification, manifold learning, adaptive game AI, and multi-agent simulation models.


Applications of TiCC are disseminated through third-flow of funding projects (e.g., in cooperation with Thales Netherlands), in connection with ISCRAM, and in close collaboration with the KLPD.

Our text analytics research resulted in 2000 in a spin-off company Textkernel B.V

Prof dr A. van den Bosch
Prof dr E. Postma
Prof dr H.J. van den Herik