Researchgroups in The Netherlands

SNN Adaptive Intelligence, Radboud University Nijmegen

The Radboud University’s  SNN Adaptive Intelligence research group is dedicated to fundamental research in the areas of machine learning and computational neuroscience. Specific topics are Bayesian networks, approximate inference methods, time-series modeling, bio-informatics, expert systems, stochastic optimal control theory and collaborative decision making.



The group consists currently of 8 researchers and three programmers. Applications of the group are disseminated through two companies: Smart-Research and Promedas.

Examples of applications are a medical diagnostic expert system (Promedas), a DNA matching system for victim identification with NFI (Bonaparte); an petrophysical expert system with Shell and several others.

Smart Research bv
Promedas bv

Prof dr H.J. Kappen,
Dr W. Wiegerinck