Researchgroups in The Netherlands

Robots, Agents, and Interaction Group, Maastricht University

The Robots, Agents, and Interaction Group of Maastricht University performs research on the design, analysis and application of systems composed of computational agents Рthat is, software entities or robots Рwhich pursue goals autonomously and interactively in complex (e.g., uncertain, open, dynamic, hardly predictable) environments. The goals pursued by the agents can be compatible or conflictive, and interaction among the agents can be cooperative or competitive. Due to the increasing interoperability and interconnectivity among computing platforms, computers, smart objects and devices equipped with computing abilities, this type of systems has a broad range of potential applications in domains such as logistics, telecommunications, manufacturing, robotics, e-business.


More specifically RAI focuses, under the leadership of prof. dr. Gerhard Weiss and dr. Karl Tuyls, on reinforcement learning, swarm intelligence, evolutionary computation, negotiation and game theory in multi-agent systems.

These themes have been explored by RAI in application areas such as electronic auctions, robot soccer, sensor networks, routing in telecom networks, and swarm robotics.

RAI is currently setting up a large scale swarm robotics lab for its research, up to 120 e-puck robots, sponsored by the NWO.

Industrial partners include: SCCH Austria and Teramark technologies.

Currently the group consists of:
1 full professor,
1 associate professor,
1 assistant professor,
2 postdocs and
7 ph.d. students.