Researchgroups in The Netherlands

APS Group / AI Groningen, Rijksuniversity Groningen

The autonomous perceptive systems group of the institute for artificial intelligence of the university of Groningen is headed by prof. dr. Lambert Schomaker. The APS research group is dedicated to fundamental research in pattern recognition, machine learning, and robotics.

It has a wide experience with developing novel methods in handwriting recognition, object recognition, and reinforcement learning for which a large variety of machine learning algorithms are deployed.


Key topics are bootstrapping and continuous learning in large-scale problems with high feature dimensionality and large numbers of classes, reinforcement learning and feature representations using deep-belief networks.

The group has strong connections with companies such as Kalooga (an image retrieval company situated in Groningen), Prime Vision, Vicar Vision (an object recognition company situated in Amsterdam), Almende b.v. (a robotics company situated in Rotterdam), and several departments from TNO.