Embedded in a number of national and international organizations

The Netherlands Machine Learning platform is embedded in a number of national and international organizations, and participates in a great many research and application programs.


PASCAL – is a Network of Excellence funded by the European Union aimed at developing the expertise and scientific results that will help create new technologies such as intelligent interfaces and adaptive cognitive systems. To achieve this, it supports and encourages collaboration between experts in Machine Learning, Statistics and Optimization. It also promotes the use of machine learning in many relevant application domains such as Machine Vision, Speech, Haptics, Brain-Computer Interface, User-modeling for computer human interaction, Multimodal integration, Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval, and Textual Information Access.


NIHC – National Initiative for Brain and CognitionUnderstanding the brain is not just a curiosity driven enterprise, as insights can have impact on many aspect of society. The NIHC initiative brings together scientists and practitioners to jointly develop research projects and applications.




BNVKI — Benelux Association for Artificial Intelligence ,

Machine Learning Netherlands (MLNL) is a community for Data Scientists, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Engineers in The Netherlands. Its primary goal is to stimulate interaction and engagement between its members and the business community for training, networking and career purposes. is also the organizer of the
Machine Learning Netherlands Meetups – a quarterly held event about applied Machine Learning & AI.

EurAI (formerly ECCAI), the European Association for Artificial Intelligence, was established in July 1982 as a representative body for the European Artificial Intelligence community. Its aim is to promote the study, research and application of Artificial Intelligence in Europe.


AAAI — Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence