Can machines think? This has been a conundrum for philosophers for years, but the answer to this question also has real social importance. Modern robots can assist us in our homes and have human-like qualities.

The internet provides us with personalized tools that learn from our behavior. It is therefore of more than academic importance that we learn to think clearly about the cognitive powers of computers, and what we can expect of them in the future.

The purpose of the Machine Learning Platform is to provide an interface for discussion and interaction between the academic and industrial research and development communities in the Netherlands.

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Recorded Events

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION 11th Workshop for Women in Machine Learning (WiML 2016) Co-located with NIPS, Barcelona, Spain December 5, 2016
WIML 2016 .

Intelligent Machines 2015 On Tuesday March 17, SNN organized a one day symposium entitled Intelligent Machines. Slides of Zoubin Ghahramani (Cambridge University), Sethu Vijayakumar (Edinburgh University) and Ralf Herbrich (Amazon Research Berlin) can be found on the website. Daan Wierstra (Google Deep Mind) had an interview with Bennie Mols, and Deep mind published a paper in Nature.

Large-scale Online Learning and Decision Making Workshop, (LSOLDM),Cumberland Lodge 2013.